It’s 11 PM on a Monday night in June and what else could I possibly be doing?

Starting a blog and re-watching the first season of Gossip Girl.

I’ve contemplated starting a blog for a long time, but was always intimidated by the question, “What would I write about?” Well…

2015, already six months in (almost seven), has been and will continue to be a huge year for me. I’m graduating high school, traveling across the pond, starting college (NYU!!!) in late August, and will be embarking on many mini adventures along the way. I’m a writer. There’s a natural urge in my bones to share, and social media helps me do a lot of that. However, 140 characters is often not enough (I tend to get wordy). I also like photography – A LOT – and take a lot of pictures with my iPhone and with my Nikon J2, and I love the idea of sharing more of my shots on here!

So… without further ado…

Here are my many adventures and stories and opinions and rants and photos and posts. Jouir!

P.S. I don’t entertain negativity and will never, ever apologize for being myself. If you don’t like that, I believe the upper right hand corner holds a delightfully crimson ‘X’ button that you can use 🙂 But please! I hope you stay with me and connect with me and read with me. Thank you already.




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