Snip, Snip

I finally cut my hair!

All my life, I’ve been “the girl with the really long hair.” All my life.

I came out of the womb with a full mop and throughout most of my childhood my hair weighed more than I did.

image1 (2) image3 image4

My hair was my identifier—and I hated that.

Like, hello!? I’m also “the girl who’s really smart” and “the girl with the great sense of humor” and “the girl who dresses really nice.” (These are just examples, of course.)

I was exotified all throughout elementary school, middle school, and high school, because I was a black girl with long, curly hair. I was a novelty in the eyes of my white suburban classmates. I felt as if my hair not only identified me but defined me, and that should never be the case. As I grew older and more socially aware, I decided I needed to cut all ties to that version of myself, the version that was forced upon me, the version that I coddled because it was familiar. My long hair was my comfort blanket and the idea of letting it go frightened me. But I knew I had to do it.

I knew for a fact I didn’t want to go to college and end up with every new person I met seeing my hair before they saw me as a person. So I cut it…

image1 (3) image2 image3 (1)

…and I LOVE it!

Not sure why I didn’t join the short-hair gang earlier. I think I might even go shorter before I go to college in August. Teen Vogue’s Beauty & Health Director, Elaine Welteroth is in one word: badass.  I look up to her for breaking glass ceilings in the journalism world and carrying herself with so much intellect and vibrance.  She wrote an article a while ago about cutting her hair that motivated me even more to chop mine off.

You can read it here.

As I said before, my long hair was my safety blanket, but it ended up suffocating me more than protecting me. I hid behind it for everything!

Before I cut my hair, I read an article in Harper’s Bazaar that described long locks as “seductive,” and short hair as “fierce” and “sophisticated.” After facing the scissors, I genuinely agree. I encourage every girl who feels that it’s time for a change to cut her hair. It’s the best thing I’ve done in a considerably long time. The shorter the hair, the more free you shall feel.





  1. I’ve had quite the opposite hair journey – from short to long. I’ve linked it below if you’d like to give it a read!

    I personally absolutely love having long hair. Short hair made me feel LESS free, as it bound me to having to spend a long time on maintaining it, having to find new inventive ways to style it and keep it out my face (as it was difficult to tie it up) etc.

    Letting my hair be free has meant leaving it be, which has given me freedom too 🙂 Now all I need to do it cut it straight across every now and then to trim off any split ends, and to maintain my fringe (bangs) length. I also have the freedom to easily make it short (by tying it up) or to have it long (by keeping it out!)

    The diversity of the world really is beautiful 🙂

    – Storm


  2. I did the same this year and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. At first I was hesitant about the new look but i love it now lol. Great blog. And love the hair !

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