The Giving Keys

As seen in one of my previous posts, I graduated high school last week!

My family and I held my graduation party this past weekend and I received many great, heartfelt gifts from people who always support me and love me and that I am eternally grateful for. My family’s graduation gift to me was the party, of course, and a trip that I will be embarking on in 12 days (!!!) to Europe. My mom, however, surprised me at the end of the party, when everyone had left, with my last graduation gift.


It’s called a Giving Key. It’s a pendant that holds a refurbished key with a word stamped on it. The purpose of the key is to wear it when you feel as if you need the word that it bears, and when you meet someone who needs the key’s message more than you, you pass it on to them. My family and I are big believers in paying it forward, and as soon as I read the card that comes in the key’s pouch, I knew that this gift was perfect in every way possible.

DSC_0176 DSC_0173

My key says courage. My mom told me that she knows I will be scared at times during this new chapter of my life at NYU, and she knows that I will be nervous to branch away from myself. She told me to wear this key so that I remember to always be brave and never doubt myself.


Some examples of words/phrases you can get on the key are believe, breathe, create, faith, inspire, and let go. You can also put your own custom word on the key for an additional $5. Each key is unique and when ordering, you are not told what kind of key you may receive or where the key originated from – all you know is what word you have ordered it to be stamped with. On the opposite side of “Courage,” my key is embedded with a miniature eagle. It is from the Eagle Lock Co. in Terryville, Connecticut, USA.


I haven’t taken the key off since I’ve received it and it makes me smile every time I look down. This was my favorite graduation present, hands down, and I can’t wait to hand it off to someone who needs the key’s bravery more than I.

Thank you, Mom 🙂

You can order a Giving Key here.




  1. That is awesome!!! You are one Extra (nothing about ordinary) Special young lady; your mom is one FANTABULOUS woman. Beyond the stars shall you continue to excell. I am so proud of the two of you! Have a magnificent time in Europe….It’s so beautiful there; you will love it!!!

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