Crossing the Pond

Hello, world, I am writing this from a British Airways’ airplane on my way to Dublin, Ireland 🙂

My EF Tour group and I (a bunch of students and friends of mine from high school) flew from JFK International to London’s Heathrow Airport and then took a connecting flight (that I’m currently on) to travel to Dublin.

The last time I was on an airplane, I was about six years old and don’t remember a thing. Well, so far my flying experience has been pleasurable and very, very memorable.

I bought three new books on my Kindle, brought along two issues of Teen Vogue (June/July AND August) and downloaded tons of new music specifically for the 7 hour flight from New York to London—yet all I did was watch 75% of “Ex Machina” and sleep.

Coming off of the plane in London, I was greeted by beautiful, cloudy, grey skies: exactly as I’ve imagined a London sky.

The transition through the airport to get to our connecting flight was not as, er, smooth.

The classic bumbling American look was thrown upon my group and I as we approached the security line for the UK Border with no properly filled out landing cards and it only went downhill from there.

Apparently, Heathrow allows only a certain amount of “liquids” to pass through London and although it may be 3 FL oz, all liquids must be able to fit in a quart-sized ziplock bag. Guess who had “far too many liquids” in the words of my dear friend the airport TSA? This girl! Bye bye hand sanitizer and mini toothpaste 😦

The entire search of my carry-on backpack took FOR-EVER. My meticulously placed contents were “chucked” into bins haphazardly as I stood by watching helplessly. My best friend Jasmine’s bag was also searched, but only after a couple’s bags, who proceeded to get into a full-blown argument with the security because of a perfume bottle.

*cue British accents*

“It’s your wife’s attitude that’s the problem, mister!”

“Where’s your manager?!”

And scene.

Our bags were finished being searched just as the flight board highlighted “Dublin” (our flight) in crimson, with an even more scarlet, block lettered “FLIGHT CLOSING” next to it.

Jasmine, one of our teacher chaperones and one of my favorite people ever, Ms. Hartz, and I then channeled our inner Usain Bolts and BOOKED it to the gate.

We made it, no worries. We got many strange looks and I almost ran over a baby, but, hey, now I can say I’ve run through an airport. 🙂

We land in Dublin in about twenty minutes so I should wrap this up, but I can’t wait to share the rest of my trip and for you guys to hear all my crazy stories!





  1. K8 you are absolutely awesome!! I love to read your blogs and look forward to hearing more about your journey abroad. My daughter is 13 and she also loves to see your transition from High School to …..the world is Yours!!


  2. I’m a friend of your Mom! I can see her post as she worries for her baby on the other side of the world ( that’s what we Moms do) yet she’s excited that you’re experiencing a whole new world! I look forward to your updates and pictures. Let us know how the food is, well really me. Lol. Be safe sweetheart,have fun and create memories. -Simone


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