Splendidly, Kait’s 2016 Bucket List

I’ve been slacking.

Winter break crushed all of my dreams of productivity.

The college winter break experience is very different from the high school winter break experience. I’ve been sleeping until 12, playing Sims all day, binge watching Jane the Virgin and watching all the movies I missed out on during the fall semester. The holidays happened. I’ve been glued to my couch and my bed and food. Blogging didn’t happen.

But, now, I’M BACK.

And to start the 2016 year off right (even though it’s almost the end of January, ignore that part) I decided to create a 2016 Bucket List instead of one giant resolution that I’ll fail by the second week of February.

I’ll update it as I cross things off the list, so feel free to check up on my progress throughout the year. 🙂

Without further ado, I now present SPLENDIDLY, KAIT’S 2016 BUCKET LIST!


1. Finish writing my novel.
2. Go to Belize.
3. Get 2+ tattoos.
4. Ride in a helicopter.
5. See the Hollywood sign in person.
6. Get a job.
7. Go skydiving.
8. Attend an SNL or Jimmy Fallon taping.
9. Get a GPA for the spring semester higher than a 3.8.
I got a 4.0 for the semester and a cumulative of 3.888! 
10. Visit Niagara Falls at daytime and nighttime.
11. Write for NYLON magazine during my internship.
Check it out! (Here)
12. Be on TV.
13. Meet Justin Bieber. (This has been on my bucket list since the 6th grade and will remain on future bucket lists until achieved.)
14. Chase waterfalls.
15. Learn to code.
16. Attend New York Fashion Week.
17. Travel to 3 different places I have never been before.
18. Win the Nuyorican Wednesday Night Open Slam.
19. Perform spoken word 5 times or more.
20. Save more money.
21. Finally have clear skin!
22. Make one new friend.
23. Stop procrastinating.
24. Ride an elephant.
25. Perfect winged eyeliner.
26. Finish the NYC Bucket List I have with my suite-mates at NYU before the end of freshman year.
27. Treat myself.
28. Expand my social media presence.
29. Be kinder to the environment.
30. Read 15 books for FUN.
31. Dedicate the summer to exercising.
32. Learn how to write for the screen and plays.
33. Do 3 things the Kaitlyn from 3 years ago wouldn’t have done.
34. Do more DIY.




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