January Favorite Things

R.I.P. January.

As the first month of 2016 crawls to an end, now is the time to reflect. How did 2016 start off for you? Did you make these 31 days count?

2016 is the year of Splendidly, Kait. I will be posting more and doing more, and as the first order of business, I will be instituting MONTHLY FAVORITE THINGS!


Splendidly, Kait’s January Favorite Things:

SONG: Love On The Brain – Rihanna, ANTI


I got Rihanna’s album the morning it was released… and I haven’t turned it off since. This album is genre-breaking and rule-breaking and authentic Rih. Get it, now.

PAIR OF SHOES: My all-white Adidas Superstars

I got these shoes for Christmas and was so excited to strut around campus in them when break ended. And then Jonas happened. Stupid Jonas. Now, every NYC street corner is a black sea of death in the form of slush and brown runny snow.

All-white Adidas + Slush = not a good time or a happy K8. Until February, my beloved shoes, until February.

CLOTHING ITEM: Black turtleneck

I own many. And I love all. Any black turtleneck from anywhere will do. I just love them.

READ: The Fate of Ten by Pittacus Lore


The latest installment in the Lorien Legacies series. It’s about teenage aliens and superpowers. Weird shit, but good shit. And I mean GOOD. I read the 399 page book in under 24 hours.


I was stuck between Amber Rose’s response to Kanye throwing a tantrum on Twitter (#fingersinthebootyassbitch) and this one. Alas, this one came out as victor.



Justin Baldoni AKA Rafael Solano on Jane the Virgin AKA my TV boyfriend and the love of my life.

SKIN CARE ITEM: Clarisonic Mia 2

I’ve never felt my face this clean. Also a Christmas gift.

PLACE: The NYLON Offices


I started my internship on the 26th! Yay! The offices are in SoHo and are totally adorable. I have no pictures because, well, I can’t be that intern that walks around documenting the entire space. Not a good look. But I’ll get some soon.

MOVIE: Star Wars (The Trilogy)


My brother requested that I watch Star Wars, and after groaning and moaning about how it seemed weird (even though I read books about teenage aliens with superpowers) I bunkered down and watched the first trilogy. I LOVED IT. It’s literally just Harry Potter in space. When I visit home in about a week, I’m going to go see The Force Awakens. I’m pumped.

CELEBRITY: Gina Rodriguez


Over winter break I binge-watched all of S1 and half of S2 of Jane the Virgin with my grandma. We’re desperately addicted. Gina Rodriguez (Jane) is hilarious, real, and not just representing Latinas in her Hollywood success, but all people of color. This woman is legit.

BUY: Herschel backpack

My new backpack for the spring semester. It’s the best!


Ladies and gents, I present to you my favorite picture of January 2016. My model of a dog, Manhattan Murphy Bryan, posing like one of Jack’s French girls in the middle of my living room. Also, peep the all-white Adidas making a cameo. Taken on January 9. 

DAY: January 29

My favorite day of January 2016 was January 29, when I went gallery hopping with my roommates in Chelsea, attended the Albert Gallatin Speakeasy, and the Nuyorican Friday Night Slam. This photo of me was taken at the Speakeasy, which was a celebration of Albert Gallatin’s birthday (the founder of NYU and the namesake of the Gallatin School of Individualized Study (woop woop)). The DJ was popping, the food was great, the photo booth was rad and we danced. A lot. It was a great night.

Wishing you the absolute best going into February!



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  1. I love love absolutely LOVE your blog! I’ve read everything and am always checking in for more! You are such an amazing writer. No matter what you’re writing about you truly captivate the reader. Your life, words, and accomplishments are truly inspiring. Can’t wait until you do even bigger and better things. I don’t even know you, I just found your blog through twitter one day and fell in love with your style. KEEP IT UP. You just might be a black Carrie Bradshaw in the making✊


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