March Favorite Things

R.I.P. March.

How has everyone’s first week of April been? Fantastic? Mine, too! Without further ado…

*slides back elaborate curtain*


Splendidly, Kait’s March Favorite Things:

Song: BoRdErZ – ZAYN, Mind of Mine


Let me just say that I am a One Direction fan. Being one, I recognized (obviously) that Zayn was the strongest voice of the group. So when he left and became a petty, don’t-give-a-fuck, R&B crooner… I loved it.

Mind of Mine is his first step in his solo career, and while I believe that at its best the album is a sort of tribute to all of his favorite R&B singers rather than a true-to-self production, it has its gems. Like my favorite, the sulky, sexy “BoRdErZ.”

It’ll make you want to sing along even if you can’t sing one note to save your life. Listen to it, and sing loud.

Place: Pier 45 Hudson River Park


One beautiful Wednesday, an impromptu trip to Pier 45’s Hudson River Park commenced. It was too nice outside to come home from class and just stay in the dorm. So my roommate Selam and I packed our backpacks and took a walk down to the pier, where we were guarded on one side by the Empire State Building and the World Trade Center on the other. I really, really hope the weather picks up before school ends, because I want to spend more time there, writing by the river.

Food: Grandma Pizza

Photo taken from Ben’s Pizzeria’s page because I forgot to take pictures of my slices before they were in my belly

My dad put me on. He picked me up from NYU one weekend and we stopped for pizza on the way home (shoutout to Ben’s Pizzeria on Macdougal, I love you). He got a Grandma slice and I got a plain slice, which looked hella boring compared to his. He let me have a bite and I experienced greatness. It will now be my go-to when ordering pizza.

Thing I Didn’t Buy But Wish I Did: Boohoo Metallic One-Piece

FullSizeRender 2

Swimwear shopping is a lot more stressful than one may think. I found this baby on Asos for $35, and the reason I held off was because they only had a size 6. I’m normally a 4, but I think I could have fit in a 6, because of the freshman 15 and all. But I didn’t know my exact measurements and was too lazy to ask my roommates to measure me and, well, I just didn’t order it.

Now it is entirely out of stock and I am grieving. 😦

App: Noisli


My holy grail for homework. Noisli is a Google Chrome sound app designed to “improve focus and boost productivity with background noise.” They have a slew of sounds, including but not limited to: rainfall, wind, oceans, crickets, cafe din, train tracks, and a fan. Rainfall is my all-time favorite noise on the app. I use it when I’m doing homework or reading. The fan is my second-favorite, and it knocks me out like a child that’s been throwing tantrums all day.

The online Chrome extension is free! Its mobile version is $1.99, but it is so worth it. Download it in the App Store now.

Skin Care Item: St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub


I love exfoliating, and if too much of it weren’t super harmful for your skin, I would do it every freaking day. But I don’t. My skin has enough problems. However, St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub is the only physical exfoliator I use, with the exception of my Clarisonic. It has Salicylic Acid in it to fight acne and blackheads, and for me, with my huge pores and acne-prone skin, it has def helped.

As with all skin products, what works for one person’s skin may not work for another. But its more natural ingredients have proven to be beneficial for my skin as opposed to St. Ives’ Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange Scrub that had such a strong fragrance and strong focus on “little imperfections” that it did nothing for me, except add redness. Bottom line? St. Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea Scrub is the bomb.

Clothing Item: Ripped High-waisted Jeans

I own around five pairs of jeans that have heavy hardware – you know, that thick denim that was a keystone of 80’s and 90’s fashion. I basically only wear those five pairs of jeans.

I ripped a pair of them on accident one day, and then decided to distress them, and those are the ones that became an extension of my legs this past month. Since I don’t wash my denim regularly, their constant availability only strengthened my addiction for them. I mostly style them as cuffed boyfriend jeans, and they work with everything. Literally everything!

If you don’t own one pair of denim in your closet that goes with everything, I advise you go out right now and head to either your nearest mall or your nearest Goodwill, where I got mine. Go!




I just saw “Independence Day” for the first time ever over spring break, and this is my favorite GIF of March because who doesn’t think Will Smith and Jeff Goldblum are the sexiest alien fighters ever?


I took this from my friend Jonelle’s room on the 11th floor of our dorm. I have a theory that this city is secretly made of cotton candy. Taken on March 4. 

Day: March 30

My favorite day of March was near the end of the month, on another awesome Wednesday.

Gabby’s best friend from California, Denyz, came to visit for a week, so on March 30, squad (Selam, Jonelle, and Gabby) plus Denyz went to Meskerem, an Ethiopian restaurant on Macdougal (Macdougal Street has the best food TBH). Selam, our household Ethiopian queen, taught us about the food and the cultural etiquette when we ate, and after dinner, we made pitstops at Insomnia Cookies, a Crêpe restaurant, Ben’s Pizzeria, and tried to get into a jazz club by befriending the bouncer. Didn’t work. Then we went to the Kimmel Center for University Life and hung out for a while, then went back to the dorm.

It was a chill, fun, spontaneous night with my friends, and I wish to have so many more nights with them just like that one.

This picture of Gabby being fabulous was taken in the crêpe restaurant. She still doesn’t know I took this. 🙂

Wishing you the best going into April.



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