Watch: The Sauce Bowl

I don’t know why I did this to myself.

But I do, really. It was inspiration, a very strange kind.

See, there is a man named Sean Evans who is the host of the web show  “Hot Ones,” a part of Complex magazine’s food site First We Feast. In “Hot Ones,” Evans interviews celebrities like DJ Khaled, MGK, and Tinashe while they eat wings doused in different types of hot sauce. It gets extremely intense.

I stumbled across Sean Evans and his love for all things spicy (see video of him eating the world’s hottest pepper: here) one day while dicking around on the Internet, and was astonished at the fact that I was enjoying watching him and others suffer under the wrath of heat.

So naturally, I thought to myself:

I should do the same thing for Splendidly, Kait.

And here we are.

I bring you, my lovely reader people, my own version of “Hot Ones”…

The Sauce Bowl

Watch, share, and don’t forget to follow!




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