Splendidly, Kait’s 2017 Bucket List

Hi there, lovely reader people.

It’s been a while. I married my couch over the holidays, and we can’t get enough of each other. Newlyweds, you know. We do everything together… Couch and I.

Eat, sleep, watch TV.

(I think I’ve found my soulmate.)

But I knew I had to break away at some point and get back to you guys. I had to check in. How is your winter break going? How did 2016 treat you?

This year was rough for many. It’s been heartbreaking, eye-opening, and full of chaos – fuckery, if you will.

Yet, going into 2017, there’s always this idea that somehow, we’re all receiving a clean slate. This isn’t true, of course. But there is a repurposing of what lies on the slate.

Here’s my advice: Go into 2017 not trying to forget or abandon the mess of 2016, but trying to use the mess towards something better. Whether that be a “new me,” “new relationship,” “new society”… “new world.”

It won’t be new, though. Just changed. Improved. Revitalized.


Repurpose the mess in 2017. Stay strong in your faith and don’t go down without a fight. The impossible will be made possible this year, I can feel it.

And to start it off right, I decided to create a 2017 Bucket List. My 2016 Bucket List was definitely a challenge, and you can see how many things I accomplished and… well… didn’t accomplish here.

I’ll update the list below as I cross things off, just like last year, so feel free to check up on my progress as the months go by!


  1. Finish writing my first ever short story.
  2. Make the Dean’s List for the second year in a row.
  3. Create a saving system.
  4. Further expand my social media presence.
  5. Read 10 books for fun. (Close, but no cigar: I read 6.)
  6. Make one new friend.
  7. Land a work study job.
  8. Eat healthier and exercise more.
  9. Strengthen my relationship with God.
  10. Reread the entire Harry Potter series. (I only re-read Sorcerer’s Stone.)
  11. Go to a music festival.
  12. Step up my skincare regimen.
  13. Finally pass my road test. (LOL)
  14. Learn to cook five new recipes. (I learned 2.)
  15. Travel to at least two new places.
  16. Go ziplining.
  17. Get three more tattoos! (I added one piece of ink, the outline of Belize on my back.)

Go forth, into the world, into the new year! Make your own bucket list! Conquer it all!

Stay tuned for the last installment of the Favorite Things series and remember…

Make 2016 cower in the face of 2017.



Lead Image Credit: http://www.HDwallsource.com/


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