Travel Diary: Bahamas

This summer was one for the books.

In the four months I had off from school, I went on a road trip from New Jersey to Chicago, I traveled to the west coast for the first time ever to visit Los Angeles, and then I went on a cruise with my family to Nassau, Bahamas.

Our cruise had perfect timing — I was headed back to school in a month and I didn’t want to leave home or my family. Being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean with your family members and no cell service is a fantastic, if not extreme, way to bond. My family was loyal to Carnival Cruise Line, but we wanted to try something different, so we embarked on Royal Caribbean’s “Adventure of the Seas.”

The ship was massive. It was equipped with: twin racing waterslides, a surfing simulator, an arcade, a basketball court, a mini-golf course, a rock climbing wall, one buffet dining room and a three-floor formal dining room, an ice skating rink, a theater, three pools, six hot tubs, a nightclub, five restaurants, a shopping promenade, a casino, a library, a gym, a spa, and an art gallery.

Yes. All on one ship.

Disconnecting from social media and emails was so liberating that once the cruise was over, I was reluctant to turn on my phone. Sweet isn’t even the word to describe sailing the Atlantic and pulling up on white-sand beaches and pulling into brightly-colored ports.

We were on the ship for a full week, and it’s amazing that it all hasn’t blurred together in my mind yet. Seven days of nonstop cruise activities gets pretty hectic, so here are my highlights:

  1. We won trivia twice: Kid’s Cartoons and 80’s Music.
  2. I rode the racing waterslides three times (and won).
  3. We swam out to a dock on Royal Caribbean’s private cay.
  4. We went to a game show almost every night.
  5. We planned to go to a bougie resort beach in Nassau, and our taxi driver recommended an even better beach, called Love Beach. It was nearly empty and the water was crystal. If you ask me, that’s so much better than being surrounded by resort-goers and bumping shoulders in the water.
  6. Formal night was lit — I popped out in a metallic silver New York and Company jumpsuit and matching silver metallic heels from Aldo.
  7. Free ice cream. All day. ‘Nuff said.

To get a taste of the full experience, here’s my GoPro video of my time aboard (and mostly off-board) Royal Caribbean’s Adventure of the Seas to the Bahamas.

Track: 808 PM At the Beach/Last Wave – Fred Falke
All music rights belong to Warner/Chappell Music, owned by the Warner Music Group, WMG.

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