About Me

IMG_6549My name is Kaitlyn McNab.

I’m originally from Brooklyn, New York but grew up in New Jersey. I am 22 years blooming and a graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study. At Gallatin I created my own major, a concentration titled How to Tell Stories While Black. I studied creative writing, film and TV, and media (broadcasting, publishing, and the Internet) as forms of narratives and minored in Africana Studies to analyze all of those mediums through a lens of Blackness. I questioned how Blackness changes, affects, and complicates these narrative forms.

I’ve wanted to become an author since the second grade after reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Writing was my first love, and we renew our vows every year.

I am a French Fry aficionado, a sort-of-seeking-help shopaholic, and hardcore pop culture junkie. I believe in the power of things: God’s word, the law of attraction, positive affirmations, poetry, friendship, family, tattoos, white sneakers, trivia, Shonda Rhimes, concerts, Eco Styler gel, Stephen King novels.

They all hold immense power, at least in my life.

Most of my days are spent avoiding writing, fueling my TV addiction, eating Thai food, and wearing face masks. Some of that time is spent blogging or writing my novel, and usually, those are my favorite moments of the day.

I don’t believe in coincidences. The written word found me for a reason, and that was so I could share my voice with—well… you, lovely reader person. And your friends. And family. And coworkers. And another person you’ve never met across the country. And another one across the globe.

That is why I started Splendidly, Kait in June of 2015. To tell stories.

So, onward, my friends. To storytelling and celebrating life!


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